June 12, 2024

January 1 means more than the start of a new year. It’s also a countdown until the end of the month when employers are mandated to send out tax forms so employees can file for their returns. That windfall of money offers a nice influx of cash that goes toward paying down debt (30 percent) or savings and investment accounts (28 percent), according to a survey by Bankrate.com.

The average tax return in Florida is roughly $2,877, not far off from the national average of $2,895, according to Business Insider. If you’re looking to use those dollars to spruce up your home, you might come up short: HomeAdvisor.com reports that the average home improvement project cost around $6,649.

But fear not! Below are some recommended upgrades that won’t break your budget:

Bathroom makeover. The busiest room in the house can look worn down over time. Fixtures fade, the mirror cracks, and grout’s stained. A quick trip to the hardware store can make the difference between a rundown commode and one that’s showroom new. Replace the faucet handles and purchase new shower accessories for fast changes. If you’re feeling adventurous, try replacing the tile or install a new sink.

Kitchen makeover. The possibilities are endless – and cheap – in this room. Like the bathroom, try switching out the faucet handles or replacing the backsplash, or installing new flooring. Or maybe it’s time to replace some appliances. Sometimes a new stove or mixer can spruce up the kitchen. But if you really want to transform this space, try replacing or repainting cabinets. Or brighten up the walls with a fresh coat of white or yellow paint.

Living room. New flooring can be installed relatively cheaply here. If the furniture is a bit rundown, try slipping on covers and throw blankets for a like-new feel. Rebricking or paneling over the fireplace – the centerpiece of the room – can add an instant and highly visible improvement. Install new window blinds, paint a feature wall, or transform a corner into a cozy reading nook also are easy changes.

Bedroom makeover. If the room dedicated to sleep and comfort looks like anything but in your house, a few easy fixes include painting a feature wall, changing out the blinds, or adding a new bedspread. But if you want to step it up, try installing a new closet layout, creating a new bed frame, or upgrading the ceiling fan.

Patio. Perhaps the biggest change you can make in this area is adding a gazebo. But don’t stop there! A new patio set works nicely here too, as does new lighting, and a new grill. If you really want to go all out, try some light re-landscaping including sodding or seeding patchy areas of grass, adding lighted pathways, and planting bushes and shrubbery.

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