June 12, 2024

The success of any business is determined by how well their accounts are managed. Some use accountants while some rely on their skills. But we humans are not always 100% accurate and are prone to do errors. So, in order to reduce these errors, businessmen are shifting towards soft-wares like QuickBooks.

QuickBooks is not just reliable it makes your work a lot easier. It doesn’t matter if your business consists of more than a thousand employees or one. It takes care of all your accounting needs that too at a minimal cost.

One of the major features of QuickBooks is Payroll

Although, QuickBooks has many features that makes it unique and popular but what really is the reason for its popularity is Payroll.

As of now there are three Payroll services available on QuickBooks. We will discuss QuickBooks Enhanced payroll in detail.

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll covers moderate level payroll management system

Ques- what is the cost of QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll?

Ans- It costs $39 a month + $2 per employee per month.

QB Enhanced payroll is not just cost effective but also brings in all the

features that are sufficient to run accounts in a medium sized business.

Ques-Can Enhanced Payroll handle W-2 Forms?

Ans- Enhanced payroll helps user to create W-2 forms for employees.

    The internal revenue service tax form or W-2 form can easily be filed with the help

    of enhanced Payroll.

Ques-Is Enhanced Payroll capable of handing 1099 contractor?

Ans -It also allows user to pay the 1099 contractors, which you are unable to do via basic

QuickBooks Payroll. A 1099 contractor or an independent contractor can now easily be paid by the

enhanced payroll.




User can either pay employee by direct deposit or can also send a direct cheque check with the help of QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll.

With the help of Enhanced QuickBooks Payroll sending direct deposits or check

have become extremely easy. Once all the instructions are filled and updated all you have to do is review the details once .You can send the money with a single click.

Ques- Do we have to manually enter each entry of the employee?

Ans-All the tax forms are automatically updated, user only have to review them.

    It does not matter how many files are there or how many employees you have.

   QuickBooks enhanced version will calculate all the the (!) taxes and display the

   results in minutes.


Ques- Is QuickBooks enhanced Payroll capable of calculating Federal and State taxes?

Ans- Yes QuickBooks enhanced payroll calculate Federal and state taxes easily.

    As we explained in the previous step how quickly it calculate the taxes further that

    QuickBooks also calculate all the Federal and State taxes error free.

One of the major concern or doubt which a user has is

Ques-Can we file E-file forms with the help of enhanced Payroll?

Ans- State and Federal Tax forms can easily be filed by the help of QuickBooks enhanced Payroll.


We hope that this blog has answered all you questions on how QuickBooks enhanced payroll works. Further if you face any kinds of problems feel free to call our QuickBooks customer support for best solutions.