June 12, 2024

Real estate is a business area accustomed to change, to constant challenges that put professionals to the test. Whoever adapts, survives. Who does not, has difficulty.

The latest challenge is to learn how to sell real estate to millennial. An audience that seems, now, after the economic crisis, more predisposed to buy home.

However, millennial are a very particular generation. They are the first to be considered “native” to digital. Personal needs are different and requirements are different. That is why we must be able to communicate in order to attract attention.

First of all, one must realize who the millennial are ?

The generation Y or millennial, and composed by the individuals born between 1980 and 1996. It is a generation that grew along with the technology. Make use of it for just about anything.

Unlike the previous generation (those born between 1965 and 1979), millennial prioritize experience, to the detriment of ownership. Indebting to get a home or car is an idea that does not appeal to them. have a major impact on them (especially on employability) and are therefore more cautious.

It is because of this attitude, which gives less importance to the “have”, that companies like Airbn and Uber succeed. They do not sell anything. They encourage sharing and provide experiences.

What can real estate consultants do to communicate with the millennial?

1 – Be Authentic

Whether you are communicating face-to-face or online. Do not think good rhetoric will convince you.

Age is just a number. It’s not about being older and having more experience that will automatically gain the customer’s confidence. You have to create a connection. And that’s only possible if it’s authentic.

Before talking to someone, in this case a real estate consultant, millennial has already done a research on everything: the property, the agency and the agent. Do not start for an action without any knowledge. On the contrary.

Being a little more personal and not just professional, will help you. Try to understand the client’s concerns and show that they will help you in every step of buying a home.

Always keep in mind that millennial are more susceptible to the opinions of friends and family. If it pleases a customer, it is likely that he will recommend it.

2 – Be fast

Millennial are impatient with regard to information. Everything has to be fast. Otherwise, go ahead.

An answer to an email or Facebook message from one day to another may seem fast to you. But over that period of time, the potential client has already sent a message to 4 or 5 real estate agents. The first to respond will have the opportunity to do business.

Since Generation Y does a lot of research online, make sure that your website is fast and responsive. If it’s slow, and unreadable on the phone, you’re losing potential customers. No one will make the effort to read small print.

3 – Give importance to the quality of content

It goes without saying that the house has 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is not enough to take two photographs of a messy kitchen.

Information about the surrounding area to the property is as, or more important, than the property data. Millennial do not just want to buy a house. They want a lifestyle.

By giving this information you will also give the impression that you are an experienced person who knows the area well and who is the ideal one to help.

Do not forget to have a coherent communication. The language tone you use across platforms should be the same. Do not leave any social networks abandoned, for example. Millennial will discover it and think it does not struggle.

4 – Be the guide

For much information that can be obtained online, it does not replace the practical knowledge of the real estate consultants. Your role should be the guide. Help the young people throughout the buying process, Doubts will be many, especially for those who have never bought a home. Make the process customization so that satisfaction is guaranteed.